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Wedding Photography Tips | Learn Wedding Photography |
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‘Masters of Wedding’ Webinar Series

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We are pleased to bring this fantastic webinar series with 3 Masters of photography, Ray Lowe, Martin Grahame-Dunn & Kevin Wilson. They share their unique styles, experience & some of their best work, tips & techniques to take your wedding photography to the next level.

Wedding Photography Workshop

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During this 6 hour webinar series, you will learn:

  • how to pose couples
  • how to use ‘directional light’
  • composing your images
  • off-camera flash at weddings
  • use of reflectors at weddings
  • engagement photography
  • destination weddings
  • creating your ‘signature’ black & white image
  • marketing your business
  • organising your wedding photography
  • how to price your services
  • creating irresistible offers which your competitors are
    afraid to offer
  • post processing workflow
  • and much much more…

About the speakers…
Kevin Wilson

The only photographer to hold multiple Fellowships in portraits & weddings. With over 30 years experience, Kevin will showcase his best wedding photography work to inspire you, shares some of his tips & tricks on how to use a simple reflector at weddings and how & where to see the light.

Martin Grahame-Dunn

Martin will cover the ‘Engagement Sessions’ and with his vast experience of tutoring around the world, he’ll talk about the different ways photographers around the world are ‘upselling’ additional products to generate more sales. A great advocate for selling digital files, Martin will show you how to price your digital files.
For the 1st time, Martin will share his ‘Romance Collection’. A new income stream for wedding photographers to make their weddings even more profitable.

Ray Lowe

‘Recession ? What recession!’ is what you’ll learn from Ray. Ray needs no introduction, running a very successful studio for over 37 years, he has hop, skipped & jump over 4 recessions, he will talk about the business side of weddings as well as sharing what to shoot, how to shoot at a wedding. You will be amazed at some incredible marketing tips which Ray will teach you.

If the above was not enough, we have special Discount Codes from onOne Software , Sim2000 & Foto SF to save you lots of £££.

Places are very limited and served on a first come first served basis. So book now to avoid disappointment.




Webinar 1: 17 Oct at 1700 hrs UK time
Webinar 2: 18 Oct at 1700 hrs UK time
Webinar 3: 24 Oct at 1700 hrs UK time
Webinar 4: 25 Oct at 1700 hrs UK time
Webinar 5 : 29 Oct at 1700 hrs UK time
Webinar 6: 1 Nov at 1700 hrs UK time


Q. What if I can’t attend all the webinars.
A. You will receive recordings for all 6 sessions so you can watch as many times as you wish.

Q. Can I join in from outside the UK ?
A. We have attendees from all over the world.

Q. What do I need to join in ?
A. All you need is a computer / laptop with speakers & a broadband connection.


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