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Online Photography Training | Marketing Your Business |
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Webinar Series: Marketing Your Photography Business

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Catherine Connor of Aspire Photography Training & Uzair Kharawala of SF Digital Studios present this exciting & brand new webinar series on how to market your photography business to increase your profits. During this incredible 6 hour online photography training series, you will learn various topics & subjects on how to effectively promote and market your business. You will be able to attend to the webinars from anywhere in the world as long as you have a decent broadband connection.


Inspired by the recent BBC TV program ‘The Fixer’ featuring a photography studio and highlighting how important it is in this day and age to brand, market, promote yourself to get new work and to keep existing customers coming back for more, we are thrilled to bring this exciting webinar series.


You will receive recordings of each of the sessions in the event you can’t any session/s. You can then play them as many times as you like.


During this series, you will learn:


Webinar 1: Keyword Research
May 1 – 1800 to 1900 hrs

Uzair Kharawala
Most photographers start blogging & updating websites ‘blindly’ hoping Google will put them on Page 1 magically. This won’t happen and leads to frustration and no rankings whatsoever. Learn what keywords are, how to target low competition / high traffic keywords for Google rankings.

Webinar 2: How to create a killer ‘landing page’
May 9 – 1800 to 1900 hrs
Uzair Kharawala
Is pay per click advertising draining your resources and bleeding cash with low conversions? It is a complete waste of money if you are driving paid traffic to a webpage with no offer & call to action. During this webinar, you’ll learn how to create a ‘killer’ landing page which will get the visitor to your site to take action, be it opt-in to a list or to make a purchase.

Webinar 3: Marketing to your list
May 14 – 1800 to 1900 hrs
Uzair Kharawala
Do you attend trade shows, wedding exhibitions or any other event where you collect names, addresses, emails, etc of your prospects and don’t know how to market to them? During this webinar Uzair will show you how you can market & re-market your products & services to your prospects at low cost and sometimes at no cost. This session will cover email marketing, direct mail & networking with local businesses.
Webinar 4: Create a business that can attract the right clients
21 May – 1800 to 1900 hrs
Catherine Connor
This seminar is dedicated to learning how to attracting the right clients and the clients your business desires. All in business have to create a proactive business, a business that knows how to entertain its customer. To be competitive in the marketplace you have to compete. We will explore how to give your business a competitive edge, how to entertain your clients and how to ensure your clients remain your clients. Today’s marketplace is about relationship building, loving your customers, the vibe require in this climate is to master the art in showering your client with affection that results in generated business. This WEBINAR is about generating business and creating a proactive business.

Webinar 5: Refining your marketing approaches
28 – May – 1800 to 1900 hr
Catherine Connor
This webinar is about 30 – 40 minute daily marketing approaches all that you can do each day in 30 – 40 minutes. So many in business suffer because they are short of time, and time is an issue within the business.  If you don’t have volumes of time and would like to discover what you could achieve each day with 30  – 40 minutes touch base with this webinar, it will encourage you to grasps the nettles, be proactive and see each day as a opportunity to sell yourself and the products you serve. You will leave with a variety of ideas all designed to be implemented with 30 – 40 minute slots of each day.
Webinar 6: Timeline the business
11 Jun – 1800 to 1900 hrs
Catherine Connor
This session will be about refining the businesses timeline. What happens in your business from the moment the phone rings to the moment the products are delivered.  We will devote time to operations, you will need a very large piece of blank paper and a clear mind. This is about offering great service without compromising profit and this session will leave you inspired, informed and motivated as many ideas will be suggested all with the motive to improve your business

About the presenters

Catherine Connor

Catherine Connor Catherine Connor, Managing Director of Aspire Photography Training, has created a training company with an international reputation for excellence. Over 3000 photographers and some of the best in business have travelled through the programs designed by Aspire Photography Training. Catherine Connor left a corporate management career to pursue her own dreams and aspirations for how to teach business and photography training. She leapt into the photographic industry offering a fresh and dynamic approach to photography, photography training this revolution to the industry and how we see it today. Her contagious energy, and uplifting manner is very motivational, and she is acknowledged as one of the best motivational speakers within our UK industry. Her intuition for business, and how to run a business, is incredibly refreshing.

Uzair Kharawala

Uzair Kharawala Uzair Kharawala is a full-time professional photographer. He runs SF Digital Photography with his wife Farzana and is also the creator of the award-winning photography studio management software Foto SF . Uzair has photographed & given seminars in various countries including Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Malaysia, Malta, Cyprus, Ireland & Denmark. He is currently one of Nikon’s ‘Evangelist’ and is a regular guest speaker at major photography conventions, trade shows & fairs in the UK, at Apple’s flagship store in Regent Street London, Calumet Stores, Focus on Imaging and has previously presented for all major photographic bodies. Uzair’s work has been featured in magazines, blogs & websites all over the world.

Here’s a 1 hour webinar which was recorded last month

Q. Can I ask questions during the webinar ?
A. Yes you can. We keep the class size to low numbers so we can answer every question sent across.

Q. What if I can’t attend any of the webinars ?
A. You will get the downloads of the recordings after all 6 sessions have been recorded.

Q. Where is the webinar held ? I’ve not attended one before ?
A. Webinar is an online digital photography training session. All you need to do is to log in via your computer or laptop and listen / watch the webinar. It is very easy to log in and the software required is free to download. Works on both Mac or a PC.

Q. Which timezone the webinars are held?
A. All webinars run on British Standard TIme.

Q. What is the refund policy?
A. We will refund you in full if we are able to resell your ticket.


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