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Free Photography Online Course | Webinar | Know Your Numbers |
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Free Webinar Series: Know Your Numbers

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SF Photo School & Foto SF – the award winning studio photography software for photographers , are proud to bring this exciting new webinar series solely aimed at how to know your numbers.

Many photographers invest only in attending seminars / workshops & events to learn how to take better pictures, how to edit & process images, but what they don’t educate themselves is on the most important part of the business i.e mastering the numbers, profit margins, generating leads, conversion rates, etc

Running a successful business requires you to know what your numbers are. You’ve got to know your numbers to see whether the business is heading in the right direction or not.

This online webinar series are aimed at improving your business acumen so you can take better control of your business and have systems in place from the initial enquiry, to sending a quotation, confirming the job, workflow processes, invoicing and delivery of the job.

You will learn how to :

  • strategies for lead generation
  • conversion rates
  • profit margins
  • understanding allowable acquisition costs
  • lifetime value of customer
  • investing or spending?
  • how to qualify your leads
  • cost per lead
  • cost per sale
  • what’s more important: branding or leads?
  • the raving fans
  • your blog as the newsletter
  • what is drip marketing?
  • closed door sales
  • upsell / cross sell / down sell checklist
  • perceived value offers
  • and much much more…

Don’t Leave Your Business to Chance

Without testing and measuring everything you do, you are leaving too much to chance. If you don’t test and measure, you really don’t know what works and what is burning your resources & energy.

Join us for this exciting series of webinars, they’re completely free.

Conversion rates should always be a great focus for your business. Conversion rate comes down to great sales ability, service & value for money.
Learn how to increase your conversion rates in this webinar.

Date: Tues, 08 Oct 2012
Time: 1600 hrs – 1630 hrs UK time
Place: Online
Price: Free

Places are limited, so book your seat on the link below:


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